Walking Tracks

The Old Brush Walking Tracks

Come face to face with eighty five million years of evolution a stone’s throw from Newcastle City, Lake Macquarie and ocean beaches.

Visiting The Old Brush is an enriching experience for all artists, musos, business planners ,nature lovers and yoga practitioners.


Stay for an hour or a week!!!


More bush walking in nearby Watagan National Park. 4WD or self-drive car tours, half or full day via nearby wineries and superb scenery.

The Old Brush walking tracks are graded easy to difficult, taking between 15 minutes to 2 hours. Pick up a map from the office. Don’t forget your camera. Repellent is provided.

Walking Tracks


1.5 Km each way – EASY

Depart Studio Creek Crossing.—Shaded flat walking through Bangalow Palms, Cabbage Palms, Blue Gum, Flooded Gum, Rosewood, Turpentine, Cheese tree, Lilly Pilly, Native ginger, various ferns and numerous uncommon rainforest species. Occasional Elk horns and Orchids higher up.  Bangalow Ck. flows after rain. Bisects Circle Track.

EXPERIENCED WALKERS only may follow creek upstream (no track) a further 1.5 Kms. to TRISTANIA POND; just big enough for a dip and picnic.   En route upstream you will see huge remnant Turpentine Trees (used to construct Sydney Harbour  Wharves), Water Gums clinging to creek banks and clear pools overhung with rainforest.

Please be careful  on slippery rocks upstream.


3.5 kms return – EASY

Modest  grades. Depart from back cabin. Takes you past many big trees through several bushland types from dry sclerophyll to palm filled rainforest micro-climates.

Circle is bisected by Creek TRACK.  Follow  signs, red dots and arrows.


4 km return – MODERATE
Track Starts 200m south west of studio along boundary fence OR , 50m south of Back Cabin.

Steady grades with some rainforest, open views of Dry Sclerophyll, large Angophora and Bloodwoods, Grass Trees, BLACK ROCK POOLS amidst  mossy Myrtle Glades. Look for cube shaped Wombat scats on trail. Follow signs, dots and arrows  back to Studio.


1 km each way—a few SHARP GRADES

Big Gums, Turpentine, White Mahogany trees, best rainforest species variety, many ferns and shady gullies. Depart from Studio Creek Crossing or, off CIRCLE TRACK. Follow arrows, signs and dots.


1.8 km return—Easy. One sharp grade

Depart from  WOMBAT WAY  and descend 500m through Tree Heath, Angophora, Cabbage Palms and rainforest species, returning along CIRCLE TRACK to Old Brush Studio.


4 km RETURN—STEEP in parts with safety ropes.

Start at STUDIO CREEK CROSSING, or, midway along  HONEYMOON TRAIL to ascend  through several distinct vegetative layers. Rare Tetra Juncea, Native Iris and Gymea Lilies in Spring.

Large twisted Angophoras on ridge and sprawling Hairpin Banksia Meadow leads to rock lookout, a great place for morning tea or writing a poem!   Resume CLIFFTOP TRACK and return following OLD BRUSH TRACK MARKERS, signs and dots.

Enjoy our walks!


Seen along the tracks………

Our Birdlife

Seasonal Birds

All year round but best months September and October.

  • Lyre Bird
  • Brush Turkey (two mounds nearby)
  • Eastern Whip Bird
  • King Parrot
  • 2 Rosella
  • Rainbow Lorikeet
  • Little Pied
  • Black Cormorants
  • White Faced Heron
  • White Egret
  • Azure and Sacred Kingfisher
  • Purple Swamphen
  • Dusky Moorhen
  • Magpie
  • Peewee
  • Dollar bird
  • Grey Butcher bird
  • Green Catbird
  • Osprey
  • Spotted Pardalote
  • Grey Goshawk
  • Collared Sparrowhawk
  • Swamp Harrier
  • Wedge Tailed Eagle
  • Bronze Cuckoo
  • Galah, Spur Wing Plover
  • New Holland Honeyeaters
  • Eastern Spinebill
  • Scaly Thrush
  • 2 Scrub Wren
  • Noisy Pitta
  • Several Kookaburra families
  • Noisy Friarbird
  • Satin Bowerbird (several bowers)
  • Red-browed Finch
  • Four Owls
  • Koel
  • Channel Bill Cuckoo
  • Willy Wagtail
  • Rose Robin
  • Grey and Rufous Fantail
  • Grey Shrike and Scaly Thrush
  • Monarch Flycatcher
  • Golden and Rufous Whistler
  • White Cockatoo
  • Galah
  • Gang Gang Cockatoo
  • Yellow Tailed Black & Glossy Black Cockatoo
  • 5 Pigeon
  • Thornbill
  • Yellow Robin
  • Blue and Variegated Wren
  • Scarlett and Lewin Honeyeater


By keeping our walking tracks free of fallen sticks, debris and branches as you stroll?

Robert and Gail